It’s that time of year again, heard they spread certain pieces to certain regions of US. All my east coast people, Send me your doubles. Pretty Please 🙏 .|
#McDonaldsMonopoly #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork #INeverWinAnything

SnapBack - $5
Altamint Polo - $8
Expedition Shorts - $14
Fitting Room Selfie at @platoscloset_sd - Priceless. | #FittingRoomSelfie #BeforeTheMonthEnds #PlatosClosetEsco #SelfiesGoingUpOnATuesday

Visit my brother @cell.out at the Active in Escondido and buy a pair of Lakais. They are having a contest for their employees and the top seller wins a custom pair of Lakai Shoes. Help this poor boy fulfill his life goal. |

C H A R G E R S.| First official NFL game wiff great company. Tailgating was a great experience. Thanks big Brho @brewpac_shakur! | #TailGate #FirstOfficialGame #ShotgunRepsUp #PorkButt #NewFriends

B I G S I S .| I’ve had the honor to grow with an older sister who I love dearly, but if you’re one of the lucky few like @__ckmu__ who I love dearly, and the refer to as big sis. Just know you’ve touched my heart dearly. @__ckmu__ has been there since I’ve pledged my fraternity, grown in LA and now starting this new chapter in SD. She is the defintion of an older sister and I love her so with my whole heart. I live for moments like this.|

When your TWIN asks for Donuts, You show up with Donuts! Only for you @lizamiranda Peterson’s for Family Night at the #TheBrewInnEsco

A P P R E C I A T I O N.| Set goals and work towards them, achievement brings the greatest treasures. From as small as a pat on the back to a full on catered lunch from Shogun Sushi. Don’t forget to always show yourself appreciation by doing something nice for yourself.| #AppreciationLunch #CompanyLunchTogether #ReachedOurGoal #ShogunSushi #CrazyBoyRoll #RBCRoll #CrunchyDragon #YelpReviewComingSoon

I attended my baby brothers back to school night last night and when I first found out his elective was sculpture I was thinking he was just taking a period to goof off. But I stayed after to talk with the teacher who told me very good things about my brother and said this was his project him and a friend did and it was one of her favorites. Proud of you @shawnmclean_ just gotta bring As home in those other classes too.| #MissionHillsHigh #Grizzly #EvenThoughKnightsAreBetter #BackToSchoolNight #ProudOfYaKid

Had to make it Instagram official, sorry for so many birthday wishes but you deserve them all. This one is short and sweet, just like you lol. Happy Birthday My Little Sis “Fancy” 😻 #BigAndLil #LadyRho #ChiSigmaPhi #BirthdayLittle #MyLittleIsOlderThanMe #Cheesin

Fried Catfish and Rice on the menu tonight. Living good & Eating good.| #TheBrewInnEsco (at The Brew Inn)

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