O F F I C I A L .| Welcomed my Big Brho to the Esco Life with Peterson’s & Stone IPA , Picked up my all access ID Card and Security Code.| #TheBrewInnEsco (at The Brew Inn)

"Wing Wednesday" @ Penny Lane wiff my little white boys.| Brotherly Outing to act like we love each other but we really love food more.| #WCW #WingsConWhiteys #BrotherBear #BrotherlyLove #JonasBrothersAintShitComparedToUs #PeroLykeWhyyy

So Blessed To Be From SoCal.| Love being in SD, Missing My Angelenos Doe. Couldn’t find this shirt, sad that I must have lost it in the move. Check out @takelosangeles .| #CityOfAngels #DoAsTheAngelenosDo #WCW #WestCoastWednesday #TAKELA #TakeLosAngeles

4 Years Ago Exactly.| Where it all started. Don’t think I’ve stayed committed to much this long & even then I’ve dropped the ball more than a couple. Seeing this picture was real humbling after the day I had. You need anything, I got you Little BRhother. On Everything.| #BasicallyOurFirstDate #AtFirstSight #JapaneseDoItBetter #SecondLongestRelationship #LookAtUsNow

Getting my mom off that Coors Light tip.| Ever since the padre game, all I been hearing “well what was your big Brho @brewpac_shakur & @rayraybytheway drinking? They know good beer.”| #StoneIPA #Gargoyle #MonDaze #MondayNightFootball #GetTheWeekStarted #CanIGetMyProspectPatchYet

Can Anyone Help Me Get this Woman A Jersey??? They brought some guys up to paddle them for their birthdays. This was my mom’s reaction.| I guess this Sunday Football is Gonna be a thing again.| #Hooters #HootersSanMarcos #MotherSonSundays #WhiteHotSundays #HydrateHydrateHydrate #CuteGirls #UglyJerseys

Made a Facebook event for my birthday month. I really want to try and see some friends, Old & New, or just get in touch with some people this year. Not a big event planner, but trying to put a little effort out there to see if I can get something started. So if I don’t have you as a FB friend, that shouldn’t keep you from the invite. Trying to celebrate my Birthday Month right, and I can only do that with you guys !!

T H R O W B A C K .| This is my blood right here, we all struggled at a young age but we all doing our thang now, and we may not have been as cute back then but we all 🔥🔥🔥🔥 now !. We need a picture all together again.|
#BloodLine #LightToDark #YungUnitedNations #Suwooop #GetYaSelfARedClue #Shmurda #StarShots #MyClique #ThatAintEvenJapaneseInTheBackground

S A C R I F I C E.| Its what you’re willing to give up that defines the type of person we are. Most of us struggle with being so privileged and spoiled, we can’t even come to swallow our own pride; I was able to work a full day or work and make a decent income because there are fellow US citizens who are sacrificing their lives for my everyday luxuries.| #NeverForget #ProudAmerican #ProudGrandson #ProudBrhother #Sacrifice

I moved to San Diego on June 8th. My Grandma’s room was the room I was supposed to move into. I couldn’t bring myself to just move in right away. Little by little I worked on sorting through her stuff and today with the help of my brothers we were able to finally get the room a little not situated for me. It’s been a real hard transition for me. | thank you @cell.out & @shawnmclean_

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